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18 Snape Taught Lily About Magic Before Hogwarts. Young Lily Evans seemed to hail from a No matter how much Snape has done for Lily Potter, from protecting her child (whom he helped render.. Lily Evans/Severus Snape. background james potter/sirius black mentioned. Lily Evans Potter. Severus Snape. Portrait Salazar Slytherin. New Year New Moodboard Challenge Snape reveals his Patronus to show he Always loved Lily Scene from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 in Bluray quality. Music is Dumbledore's..

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A piece of fan art representing Severus Snape & Lily Potter living happily ever after. erised straeh ym by snapesnogger Please comment and fav here erised straeh y This is Harry Potter - Snape's Love For Lily HD by tinu mallii on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them Snape is probably my favourite character in the Harry Potter series. The depth of his character is very fascinating and what makes it so intriguing is his relationship with Lily Severus Snape & Lily Potter. Albert Mearl. 3 years ago|26 views. Severus Snape and Lily Evans ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). Mahlon Chana Not Snape/Lily. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Severus S., Lily Evans P Suddenly, Potter came scurrying out of an alcove with Weasley and Granger. Shocked, he tried to..

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James Potter nedeniyle hala Harry Potter'dan hoşlanmayan Snape, her ne kadar Zümrüdüanka Severus Snape ölmek üzereyken hafızasındaki Lily ve Dumbledore ile ilgili anıları Potter'a göstererek.. They are not related, it is Snape's profound love for Lily that causes his Patronus to be a doe. The Patronus, asserted Spangle, represents that which is hidden, unknown but necessary within the.. Watch this Severus Snape & Lily Evans video, Anything - Harry Potter - Snape/Lily, on Fanpop and browse Severus Snape & Lily Evans Club. Join. New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins

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  1. Snape and Lily fan art ranges from imagined moments between the two during their shared tenure as Take a look at the very best fan art of Lily and Snape on the Internet, and don't forget the tissues
  2. Snape's love for Harry's mother Lily was deep and powerful, and though unrequited ended up being of key importance to the narrative of the entire Harry Potter series. The fan meet-up at the park was..
  3. Uns Snape war nun mal in Lilly Potter unglücklich verliebt. Das ist ganz einfach: Snape war beinahe besessen von Lily. Er kam niemals über sie hinweg und hat sich nie damit abgefunden nur ein..
  4. Severus Snape died in an effort to assuage his guilt for what he did to Lily Evans. But Lily was so much more than her association with Snape and his twisted motivations
  5. Lily Potter (născută Evans) este un personaj fictiv din seria de cărți Harry Potter, scrisă de J.K. Rowling. Lily este mama personajului principal al cărții, Harry Potter. A decedat când fiul său avea doar un an, în urma confruntării cu Lordul Cap-de-Mort. Sora ei este mătușa Petunia
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Snape, who liked Lily when they went to school, did as he promised even though he despised Harry for being James Potter's son About Lily Evans Potter, {FICT}. Fictional Character Appearing in the Harry Potter Book Series Lily ended the friendship in their fifth year, after Snape called her a Mudblood Stub: This article is a stub. Please help us out by adding more content. Snape/Lily is the Harry Potter pairing involving Severus Snape and Lily Evans, Harry's mother. It was revealed in Deathly Hallows that Snape had been in love with Lily since childhood..

Lily Potter - Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy.... Not Harry! Please — I'll do anything!Severus Snape renounced Voldemort when he learned of the Dark Lord's intentions to kill.. In the seventh novel, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Snape reveals that he had 'always' been besotted with Lily. For more on Alan Rickman's death visit www.dailymail.co.uk/alanrickman Celebrate Snapes eternal love for Lily Potter. Your choice of 13x19 or 20x30 All prints signed by the artist. Posters printed on high quality Photo Paper with premium quality inks * One of the many extraordinary things about the Harry Potter series is the way in which the celibate and unrequited love of Severus Snape for Harry's mother Lily all-but usurps the main plot - and forms..

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  1. Browse and share the top Harry Potter Lily Snape GIFs from 2020 on Gfycat. The best GIFs for harry potter lily snape. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches
  2. James Potter is a bit of a prat, but we love him anyway. James Potter would have ABSOLUTELY been a Star Wars fan! Many of the questions ask about what James and Lily's relationship was like..
  3. Lily Potter (née Evans) was a Muggle-born witch and Harry's mother. She was born 30 January 1960 and died on 31 October 1981 at age 21. She was quite young, 19 years old, when she became pregnant with Harry, giving birth to him at 20

Harry Potter Severus Snape, Harry Potter Art, Snape And Lily, Half Blood, Fantastic Beasts, Nook, Friendship, Center Table, Harry Potter Drawings Even if Snape never stopped loving Lily Potter, and okay, it's kind of weird to honor the man who While Snape by no means needs to be your favorite character, a lot of what happened in Harry Potter..

Post Info. TOPIC: Lily Potter. Yamil. I don't know that I could see this particular theory playing out. I think Snape already has this storyline going... making Lily have it too wouldn't be as believable nor as.. ..Severus Snape Lily Evans harry potter t-shirts designed by YellowDogTees as well as other harry potter Crewneck Sweatshirt. Long Sleeve T-Shirt. HARRY POTTER Professor Severus Snape Lily..

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  1. But as Lily Potter gets older she can't help but have the need for trouble, something she picked up What happens if James and Lily had twins? Little Lily Potter is exactly like her mother when she was..
  2. Image uploaded by ルシア. Find images and videos about books, harry potter and always on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love
  3. Through Snape's memories, we watch Lily grow up in Hogwarts. At any rate, Lily is remembered fondly by nearly ever character in the Harry Potter series (unlike James, we might add) - her memory..
  4. Why do Snape and Lily Potter have the same Patronus? More importantly, he reveals that Snape had never been Voldemort's man from the moment he targetted Lily Potter, revealing to all Snape's..
  5. lily potter. şükela: tümü | bugün. muggle aile dogumlu , voldemort yuzunden vefat etmis ama son bir gayret, yaptıgı koruyucu buyu ile oglunu olumden kurtarmıs cadi bayan
  6. Harry Potter Characters Are Reimagined in Amazing Fan Art
  7. Theory: Severus Snape once loved Lily Potter, Harry's mother, and that love will play a major role in Notably, Dumbledore tells Harry that Snape's decision to tell Voldemort about the secret prophecy..

..Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, James Potter, Lily Evans/Potter, Sirius Black, Original Character | Secondary Relationships Harry, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, OC. Primary Relationship Lily and Severus' relationship becomes strained as the two drift apart; Severus joins an unsavory Sharing their secret affinity for magic, Severus Snape and Lily Evans were best friends growing up

lily potter + severus snape. ••• Sign up Log in. Welcome to 8tracks radio: free music streaming for any time, place, or mood. tagged with severus snape, harry potter, snily, and lily evans The Harry Potter novelist shed light on Twitter over the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which revealed that Harry named his Why did you pick Snape to name Harry's kid after Hingga akhir hayatnya, Snape hanya mencintai satu orang perempuan, Lily Potter. Itu juga yang dilakukan oleh Alan Rickman, pemeran Profesor Snape di film HARRY POTTER Rejoice, Harry Potter fans! J.K. Rowling released a new short story about none other than Severus Snape. The story is an interesting look into Snape's childhood, and his relationship with Lily Potter

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Pada seri terakhir film Harry Potter, kita dapati kenangan Snape bersama orang tua Harry Potter, yaitu Lily dan James Potter. Kita pun jadi tahu bahwa mungkin tanpa ketiga orang ini, penyihir cilik itu tidak.. Related Wiki entry. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Severus Snape. 445 38. Lily Potter (née Evans). 339 1. See more Dalam buku, Snape diceritakan sebagai orang yang sangat mencintai Lily Potter. Namun, cintanya bertepuk sebelah tangan karena Lily memilih menikahi James Potter sehingga lahir Harry Potter Severus Snape, voted recently during the MTV Harry Potter World Cup challenge as the greatest Snape vowed to Dumbledore that he would endeavor to protect Lily's son and in the late year of 1981.. Although Snape seemed equally as aggy towards Harry as he did towards his buck-toothed This fan theory about why Professor Snape hates Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter makes TOTAL sense

Kanımca Harry Potter serisinin kitapta da filmde de en vurucu kısmı olan sahne. Seri boyunca kötü diye tanınan Snape abimizin gerçek aşkını, ''-After all this time?'' sorusuna ''Always'' cevabını izliyoruz In Potter, Snape's Patronus, a soul-guarding magic spell, takes the form of a deer—more specifically, a doe—as a symbol of his love for Lily, because hers was a doe as well

Can Severus Snape Be Redeemed by His Love For Lily Potter

  1. Lily knew who Snape was, she had been friends with him for four years. When the scene is discussed (and if you're into Harry Potter, you know this whole James vs. Snape vs. Lily vs..
  2. i Harry Potter paper toys. The currently available toys include Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood and Lily Evans (Harry's Mom)
  3. I just can't see Lily choosing Snape unless a LOT of things were different- If Snape wasn't hanging out with bad people I Lily had chosen Snape then obviously the entire series would have been different
  4. LINKS: Ephemeral [The Lily/Snape Site] YouTube Search: Snape/Lily Severus/Lily : Fic, Art, et cetera Ephemeral at LiveJournal. SHIPPERS LIST: 1. nemapasara 2. Insanitic 3. Jsebold87 4. Sheebs 5..
  5. Posts about Lily Potter written by rosh999. Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape/Hermione Granger, James Potter/Narcissa Malfoy, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
  6. Snape mencintai Lily, karenanya dia bergabung dengan orde untuk mencegah si-tanpa-hidung-Voldie mengejar Potters. Karena informasi Snape, James dibunuh sebelum sempat balas budi (Ingat..
  7. That sad little Severus Snape from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2 who was just a Would Lily Evans Potter have changed her tune way back at Hogwarts if she knew that Snape was..

Related Images. severus snape and harry potter pictures. james potter and lily evans pictures Snape has found out about Lily's engagement and has written to her to try to stop it. Lily comes by to confront him. I had a bit of trouble with the formating, but I hope that you enjoy it lily potter 10644 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest. harry potter, harry, james, potter, daniel radcliffe. harry potter, alan rickman, rest in peace, severus snape, lily potter

Society's Mores and Harry Potter: Lily, Snape, and Sexis

  1. Harry Potter fans can't agree whether the Potions Master is good or not, but these Severus Snape quotes prove he's at least terrible teacher
  2. couple, cute, ginny weasley, harry potter, hermione granger, lily evans, luna lovegood, neville longbottom, nuna, romione, ron weasley, severus snape, snily, hinny
  3. Harry Potter Theme, Lily Harry Potter, Harry Potter World, Harry Potter Voldemort, Voldemort This question is from Harry Potter: Dumbledore asks Snape does he love Lily after all this time....That's..
  4. See more ideas about Harry potter, Harry potter universal and Harry potter fandom. Let me see those swollen lips Lily Potter, my hero. That would by me if I saw them kissing
  5. The Life of Lily Potter Harry Potter's mother, explained from birth, Hogwarts years, to her death. A video on why Lily Evans (Harry Potter's Mother) chooses James Potter over Severus Snape

Como sabran los ojos de Lily Potter son de color verde, y pues cuando vi esta escena no pude evitar relacionarla con esta canción, espero y les guste ..snape a hero, severus snape a lily potter, severus snape a bad guy, severus snape birthday snape half blood prince meaning, severus snape imagines, severus snape is loki fanfiction, severus.. Son of the Moon - A Harry Potter fan film Movie Snape was a slightly glorified version of the original Snape. Personally, the book Snape was a bullied kid who decided to 21 Professor Snape Moments In Harry Potter That Make Us Love Him

Harry Potter DIY Wall Decal Hogwarts Road Sign Vinyl Sticker Home Movie Decor. Harry Potter Stickers Pack (x50) - Hermione - Ron - Snape - Voldemort Decals See more ideas about Harry potter art, Harry potter drawings and Harry potter. This makes me laugh even though the Harry Potter nerd in me knows that's Blaise Zabini because Draco had to get a.. hogwarts snape proffesor snape snape severus snape harry james potter harry harry potter draco draco malfoy James: Peter: Lily: Dorcas *staring at Marlene*: I agree, but in lesbian. James: Pete A year later, Lily is murdered by Lord Voldemort. Severus then realized the error he committed, too The memories stop there. Severus dies, and thus finds his Lily. I'm sorry for my bad English, i'm..

Band der neuesten Fotos und User Kommentare @lily_potter_123 Bilder: Abonnement: Verfolger @lily_potter_123. Bilder: Abonnement: Verfolge Kit c/ 8 bonecos harry potter malfoy snape compatível lego... Coleção botons harry potter com 14 de 18 personagens: pedro pettigrew, rony weasley, rubeo hagrid, rita skeeterlucio malfoy, cedrico.. HBO, 2020-01-18, Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) i jego przyjaciele wracają po wakacjach do Hogwartu, który przestał być bezpiecznym miejscem. Zmienił się też skład rady pedagogicznej Harry lost lily and James snape lost Lily and well voldemort he deserves to loose his nose. I sort of said this in a really serious manner and then I read the last one and came out and laughing fits

An enormous Harry Potter-themed store is arriving in New York this summer, Warner Brothers This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter store in the world and will become a must-visit fan.. Snape hesitou. Seus olhos negros, ansiosos À sombra esverdeada, percorreram o rosto pálido e os cabelos acaju da garota. (A História do Príncipe - Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte, JK Rowling)

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Lucius: Okay, that's enough! No more talking about Harry Potter! Draco: But you told me to get it out of my system... Lucius: I had no idea how much you had in your system La Historia de Severus Snape Добавлено: 2 год. Kai47 2 год. Preguntas de Harry Potter que pensabas que no tenían respuesta | Significado de las muertes de Harry Potter Добавлено: 1 год What's going on potter heads? Severus Snape the ex headmaster and professor at Hogwarts school of witchcrafts and wizardry was the coolest stud launda in the harry potter franchise

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Snape's love for Lily that arguably got him killed but left him in the possition to fool almost everyone Snape: This is the copy of Advanced Potion-Making that you purchased from Flourish and Blotts Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: Harry doesn't understand his poor child for being different than him driving the poor child to break the law, time-travel and changing his father's future Taking his wet cock into his fist, Severus Snape began tugging vigorously, hoping the heat from the shower and the satisfaction of release would ease his tensions These five Harry Potter theories might make you look at Snape differently. Severus Snape is an amazing character that has such an interesting arch that many can't think about Harry Potter without..

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25 Snape Memes In Honor Of Alan Rickman. When this article was originally published last week, it was to celebrate the 56th birthday of Harry Potter character Severus Snape Lily whispered. 'Normally,' said Snape. 'But you're Muggle-born, so someone from the school will have to come and explain to your parents.' 'Does it make a difference, being Muggle-born? Lily Potter was kind, charming and vivacious. She was the object of both James and Severus Snape's affections. Lily fought in the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War

Now it is confirmed that Snape and Lily grew up in the same area, suggesting his love for her spans letters for Potter. In the sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Narcissa, the mother of.. Though Lily disapproved of Snape's associates in Slytherin, and Snape, in turn, disapproved of James Potter's constant flirting with Lily, they were still the closest things to best friends they would ever be.. Harry Potter Lily and Snape. Published December 13, 2015 at 912 × 661 in Magical Mondays: Muggles, Science, and the Wizarding World

Lily Potter (născută Evans) este un personaj fictiv din seria de cărți Harry Potter, scrisă de J.K Severus Snape a iubit-o întotdeauna pe Lily Potter Evans și de aceea s-a hotărât să îl ajute pe.. AKA: Lily Evans or just Evans. Dearly departed mum to the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter. Original bearer of the greener than green eyes, and defender of those who cannot/do not defend themselves.. Lily Potter is not going to be happy (Celebrating the fall of The Dark Lord - Post 1). Memes, , and Snape: Always Snape, cuando le preguntaron qué toallas usaba Lily Potter

Always~ Severus Snape & Lily Potter - Home Faceboo

The latest Tweets from Lily Potter (@LilyPotter_DA). 'She had a way of seeing the beauty in others...even when that person couldn't see it in themselves. Snape died for Harry out of love for Lily. Harry Potter isn't the only one who will forever be haunted by his past — Daniel Radcliffe, J. K. Rowling, and Albus Severus also can't seem to escape the..

Severus Snape Lily Evans and Jamse Potter

Inspired by The Prince's Tale sequence from the final Harry Potter film, here are very young Severus Snape and Lily Potter, back when life was happy and James Bloody Potter hadn't messed.. Η Lily Potter ως αδερφή, φίλη και μητέρα μέσα από τη γραφή της Τζ.Κ. Ρόουλινγκ. Χωρίς να το γνωρίζει, η Lily επηρέασε όσο κανένας άλλος τη ζωή του Severus Snape Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 11x17 Movie Poster (2002). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (UK) 14x36 Movie Poster (2011) We learned the name of Snape's childhood street, Spinner's End, in The Half-Blood Prince, in the Many fans already speculated that Spinner's End was located in Lily Potter's hometown, and now, it's..

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